Marle – The Labyrinth of the Black Sea

Having gained the title of Archmage at a young age after slaying the dragon who threatened the nation, Marle now satisfies her curiosity by traveling around the world, exploring secluded areas as well as ancient ruins. One day, news of the discovery of sea-level ruins near the Island of Isola catch her ear. Marle heads… Read More

Beat Blades Haruka

Evil ninja have invaded Japan to try and conquer it with their devant ideals and revive the ancient creature that grants them power! And the only way to stop them–is to get it on with your own group of ninja! Takamaru was living an ordinary life, looking for love. Despite the valliant efforts of his… Read More

Maomao Discovery Team

This RPG employs an automatic function that allows battles to be done with simple controls. You do not have to go around dungeons repeatedly to “grind” levels because you can send Maomao on automatic explorations. While on her adventure she might find equipment, learn new abilities and level-up in experience. Features: • Three different poses… Read More

Youkai Wecchi ~Echichi na Oni Da you~

妖怪ゑッチ~エチチな鬼だよう~ VNDB — Getchu 田舎で不遇な扱いを受けていた主人公「鍾 青樹」は、校長の勧めで都会の学校に転入してきた。 そこでは自分に対して別け隔てなく接するクラスメート達に囲まれ、楽しく過ごしていた。 そんなクラスメートの中で、特に親切に接してくれる生徒会長のこころと、 普段はサボってばかりいる華の2人が気になっていた。 ある日、友達と遊んでいると学校に忘れ物をしたことに気付き、夜の学校に戻る…… すると、トイレの方から怪しい音が聞こえ、 怖いながらも確かめに行くと、そこには男子便器を舐めている、こころがいた。 音の正体は便器を舐めるこころだったのだ。 凍りつく主人公を前に、こころは自分が『垢嘗め』という妖怪だと明かすのだった。

Sister Travel

A dungeon crawling sister-type RPG is here! A heart-pounding thrill ride that you’ll never forget! Treasures hidden away inside ancient ruins. Nail-biting battles against monsters. Yearning for a land unseen. An adventurer. And his little sisters. Enjoy this adventure filled with romance and sexy fight scenes by developer, Inusuku!

Revenge swordswoman Raspberry

Raspberry was a girl in the cavalry…and she headed out to kill the demons. This was to take revenge on the demon group for attacking her kingdom. This was burned into Raspberry’s brain. That tragic day. People killed one after another in front of her… The day that Raspberry lost everything…her family, the country she… Read More

Horny Heroine Ingrid ~ Secretly Modifying Enormous Breasted Heroine Ingrid’s Body and Soul

A revenge tragedy that lurks beyond the happy end. “I must fin a cure… for this… nnnngh……” The evil demon was defeated, peace was restored, the world was saved. On her way to rescue her kidnapped lover, the female hero asked to be healed. She was suffering from a sexual status, but the cure from… Read More