Sengoku Rance Collection (1st-7th)

The story is pretty simple – Hikari (“Light”), the red haired girl that you see in an opening clip, has been kidnapped. And Rance gets the mission from his boss (the bald guy) to investigate the case. Rance is something like a detective in this story. This also turns the whole game more into a… Read More

Oppai Cafe. My mother, my sister and Me

Kazuki’s family run on café shop. However recently their customers started leaving to newly open maid café shop in neighborhood. Thus Kazuki’s father decided: “We must compete and start cosplaying as well.” Luckily for him his wife and daughter were quite beautiful and had no problem start wearing various costumes while serving customers. Thus he… Read More

Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~ Immoral Edition

The protagonist Ryou Kawabata is someone who enjoys watching women his senior succumb to him. As a student, it is obvious that the targets closest to him are the female teachers. As numerous female teachers succumb victim to his will, unexpectedly there was one who fought back- Yuuna Hagiura, and that gave Ryou some trouble.… Read More

Youkai Wecchi ~Echichi na Oni Da you~

妖怪ゑッチ~エチチな鬼だよう~ VNDB — Getchu 田舎で不遇な扱いを受けていた主人公「鍾 青樹」は、校長の勧めで都会の学校に転入してきた。 そこでは自分に対して別け隔てなく接するクラスメート達に囲まれ、楽しく過ごしていた。 そんなクラスメートの中で、特に親切に接してくれる生徒会長のこころと、 普段はサボってばかりいる華の2人が気になっていた。 ある日、友達と遊んでいると学校に忘れ物をしたことに気付き、夜の学校に戻る…… すると、トイレの方から怪しい音が聞こえ、 怖いながらも確かめに行くと、そこには男子便器を舐めている、こころがいた。 音の正体は便器を舐めるこころだったのだ。 凍りつく主人公を前に、こころは自分が『垢嘗め』という妖怪だと明かすのだった。

Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition

Figurative tail tucked between his legs, the protagonist abandoned the city for his hometown, his dreams broken. Luckily, he was comforted by four girls from childhood… but while it’s good to see them — and live with them! — something’s weird. The girls have actual tails, and furry ears like spirit animals. Create a harem… Read More