Welcome to the Adventurer Inn (5)

The Adventurers’ Inn.

As the owner of the inn,

let’s “sleep-r*pe” beautiful girls in their sleep!!

Regardless of how strong they are,
female adventurers are just helpless maidens when sleeping!

A pure-minded priestess,
a crafty thief,
and even the strongest female hero!

They all expose their amorousness defenselessly!

Let’s spike food with sleeping pills and aphrodisiac drugs!
Grow your business to host more girls!

As a result of repeated sleep ecchi, girls might be captivated by your d*ck!?

Corrupt, recruit and impregnate!

An Inn Business Simulation Game

“Welcome to the Adventurers’ Inn!”

More info at VNDB & Getchu


Buy/Download at:



password: moeland
Only if requested! zippy only stores files for 30 days. Password: moeland

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