Last updated: 2020 August 05

john k peta sample (1)

This collection containes the author [John K. Peta]’s works.

The pack includes 35 translated works & 4 raw works.

English translated list:

  1. (John K) Magma Slider [English] [_ragdoll]
  2. (John K) The Etiquette of Judo [English] [_ragdoll]
  3. [John K Pe-ta] Awakened Girl The First Geki!! Monzetsu Operation Plus Bonus Chapter [English]
  4. [JOHN K PE-TA] Chou Monzetsu Curriculum [English]
  5. [JOHN K PE-TA] Chou Monzetsu Curriculum Plus+ [English]
  6. [John K Pe-ta] Crash on the Beach [English] [_ragdoll]
  7. [John K Peta] Dark Thick LOUD Ranch (Eng)
  8. [JOHN K PE-TA] Geki! Monzetsu Operation [English]
  9. [John K Pe-ta] Geki!! Monzetsu Operation Plus [English]
  10. [John K Peta] Kemonist Family [English] [Tigoris Translates]
  11. [John K Pe-ta] Monzetsu Caligula Machine [English]
  12. [John K Pe-Ta] Monzetsu Festival XI Ch.1+7+9 [English]
  13. [John K Pe-ta] Monzetsu! Explosion+ Toilet Spirit (Washlet Teller)[English]
  14. [John K Pe-ta] Red Hot Beach [English] [_ragdoll]
  15. [John K Pe-ta] Shutter Fucker Sister [English] [_ragdoll]
  16. [John K. Pe-Ta] – Monzetsukei! aka System! ENG
  17. [John K. Pe-Ta] – Roar!! Fainting in Agony Screamer ENG
  18. [John K. Pe-ta] – Monzetsu!! Explosion [English]
  19. [John K. Pe-ta] Empress Caligula [English]
  20. [John K. Pe-ta] Hot Blooded Maternity! [English][LoeQuality Translations]
  21. [John K. Pe-ta] Houkago Barabara Jiken – I Fall To Pieces aka Mutilate Fuck at the After School [COMIC KURiBERON 2018-08 Vol. 70][English][MisterJ167+Naoko]
  22. [John K. Pe-ta] Invincible Combination Senpain (Shiritsu Hameana Gakuen) [desudesu]
  23. [John K. Pe-Ta] Ithaca Riot [English] [JBVMND]
  24. [John K. Pe-ta] Itoshiki Acmate- My Lovely Acmate Ch. 1-6 [English] [theamdrag] [Digital]
  25. [John K. Pe-ta] Mahiru no Enigma Hero Midday’s Enigmatic Hero [English] [_ragdoll]
  26. [John K. Pe-ta] Micro Kesshitai – Micro Decisive Corps (COMIC KURiBERON 2019-04 Vol. 78) [ENGLIGH]
  27. [John K. Pe-ta] Monzetsu Fever [English]
  28. [John K. Pe-ta] my contortion girl (COMIC KURiBERON 2017-06 Vol. 56) [English] [N04h]
  29. [John K. Pe-ta] Pink Fire Potato [English] [_ragdoll]
  30. [John K. Pe-Ta] Purupuru Monzetsu License [ENG]
  31. [John K. Pe-ta] Rampage Ghost [SMDC][English]
  32. [John K. Pe-ta] Summer Tentacle [English]
  33. [John K. Pe-ta] Super Monzetsu Mega Bitch Ch. 1-4 [English]
  34. [John K. Pe-Ta] Tokimeki!! Monzetsu Balkan (Complete) [ENG]
  35. [John K. Pe-ta] Wakuwaku One-sans Ch. 1-7 [English] [_ragdoll]

Raw list:

  1. [John K. Peta] John K Peta’s World [Decensored]
  2. [John K. Pe-ta] Monzetsu Freestyle [2018-10-20] [Raw, Digital]
  3. [John K. Pe-ta] Shiritsu Hameana Gakuen [Digital]
  4. [John K. Pe-ta] Wakuwaku Monzetsu Maison

Any fresh release will be added later as individual files.

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Sample images

password: moeland

English Download

Raw Download

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