Last updated: 2020 July 30


This collection containes the author [Inuboshi]’s works.

The pack includes 9 translated works.

English translated list:

  1. [Inuboshi] Ai No Mahou Wo Oshiete [ENG] (Hayama_Kotono) v1.2
  2. [Inuboshi] Daisuki! Goshujin-sama – I Love Master! [English] {Mistvern + Hayama_Kotono}
  3. [Inuboshi] Happy ★ Angel (COMIC Megastore Alpha 2019-07) [English] [Digital]
  4. [Inuboshi] Motto Nurunuru Choudai – Make it Slimier [English]
  5. [Inuboshi] Onii-chan ga, Suki (Complete) [English][Decensored]
  6. [Inuboshi] Sweet Cream [English]
  7. [Inuboshi] Tsukimisou no Akari – The Light of Tsukimi Manor [English] {Hayama Kotono}
  8. [Inuboshi]_-_Imouto Pantsu_ENG_ Hayama_Kotono
  9. [Inuboshi]_Ojousama_no_Himitsu_[ENG]

Any fresh release will be added later as individual files.

The links on the list above takes you to Exhentai. If you don’t have an account and you clicked on the links, delete all your cookies, go to E-hentai to register an account, login, then try again.

Sample images

password: moeland

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