sadisticwomen (2)

Shingo is a rookie white-collar worker. One day, a woman suddenly touches his cock when he is in the train. He is surprised and looks around, but the woman says, “Be quiet, or you’ll be in trouble….” Also, another woman standing in front of him pushes her buttocks to his body…. The women finally put a paper into his pocket and get off. He takes it out of his pocket and reads it. The paper says the number of the line and the schedule. He decides to get on the train to complain them about it. However, he still doesn’t know that the train is actually full of….


  1. You need to change system locale to Japanese.
  2. No need to install.
  3. Menu translations:
    –CG Gallery
    –Scene Replay
    –Back to Title Screen
  • TOP BAR (On Title Screen)
    -System Settings
    -Back to Title Screen
    (Screen 1=Normal)
    Screen Mode: Window/Fullscreen
    Graphic Highlight Effects [not entirely sure what this does]
    Right-click Setting: Settings/Hide Text/Skip/Auto
    Message Skip Options->
    -Skip unread text
    -Disable skip after choices
    -Disable skip after ejaculation
    -Disable skip during H-scenes
    (Screen 2=Ejaculation Preferences)
    [Note: The game defaults to asking how you’d like to ejaculate each time in-scene. Here, you can set it such that you always come inside during a blowjob, outside during vaginal sex, etc.]
    Vaginal Sex: Ask Me/Ejaculate Inside/Pull Out
    Blowjob: Ask Me/In Her Mouth/On Her Face
    Titjob: Ask Me/In Her Breasts/On Her Face
    Other: Ask Me/Ejaculate Now/Pull Out
    Ejacuation Screen Effects
    (Screen 3=Sound)
    [Note: All sounds are on by default. They can be turned off, and the four main categories adjusted with a volume slider.]
    Sound Effects
    Naughty Sound Effects
    -Ejaculation -Insertion
    -Blowjob -Pounding/Hip Thrusts
    -Kissing/Licking -Moans
    (Screen 4=Toggle Voices)
    [Note: You can set specific character voices on or off. They all default to on, click on the image to toggle the settings. Characters with voices off will be grayed out in this menu.]
    Row 1: Ayame/Kyouko/Kanae
    Row 2: Midori/Yukari/Sakura/Yachiyo
    (Bottom: Back to Title Screen, Back, Quit)
  • TOP BAR (During Gameplay)
    -Back to Title Screen


More info at VNDBGetchu


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password: moeland
Only if requested! zippy only stores files for 30 days. Password: moeland

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