ccfirst (1)

Beautiful, socially conscious wives in the shopping district of a town know that the world needs babies.
Sexy milfs, trophy wives, ditzy aloof married women, young and innocent newlyweds, voluptuous vixens…!
All varieties open their shops, and their legs, to the customer.

But of course it’s not just about repopulation…
The young wife at the tea shop gives amazing blowjobs!
The baker’s wife is glad to sandwich a piping hot dog between her loaves!
The photo studio wife does it while her husband runs the camera!
There’s a cum-guzzling nurse who swallows samples, a big breasted masturbation addict at the electric store, the massage parlor is all about lotion play, and there’s a hot mother-daughter duo who let you compare their pussies!
Pregnancy is the preferred result, but everyone enjoys getting there…

More info at VNDB & Getchu


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password: moeland
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