maomao (1)

This RPG employs an automatic function that allows battles to be done with simple controls. You do not have to go around dungeons repeatedly to “grind” levels because you can send Maomao on automatic explorations. While on her adventure she might find equipment, learn new abilities and level-up in experience.


• Three different poses that represent Maomao’s health level.
• More plays will be unlocked by growing your affection with Maomao.
• Character raising system includes: gaining abilities, strengthening skills, weapons, the base etc.
• The game window can be minimized while MaoMao adventures.
• Auto battle function and high-speed battle function implemented for easier & faster gameplay.



More info at VNDB & Getchu


Buy/Download at:



password: moeland
Only if requested! zippy only stores files for 30 days. Password: moeland

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